What Happens When Fracking Pits Industry against Landowners?


On this West Virginia Morning, similar to West Virginia, Ohio has a law that can force landowners to lease their underground mineral rights to energy companies. The Allegheny Front’s Julie Grant takes a closer look at what happens when people there say no to fracking. It’s the latest story in The Allegheny Front’s series, Who’s Listening?

Also on today’s show, musician, composer and software engineer Peter Chilvers has worked with electronic music pioneer and innovator Brian Eno on several remarkable generative music apps, beginning in 2008 with Bloom. Such has been the success of the apps that last year, a 10-year anniversary edition was released called Bloom: 10 Worlds.

Eclectopia’s Jim Lange spoke with Chilvers recently about what it’s like working with a legend like Eno and how he manages to merge music with computer engineering.

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