Wetland Protection Bill More Important as Flooding Comes More Frequent


On this West Virginia Morning, the farm bill being debated in Congress could have significant effects well beyond farms — including on our waterways.

Over the years, wetlands have been stripped and drained to grow crops. A program funded by the farm bill pays farmers to conserve wetlands, and more farmers are looking to take flood-prone land out of production. As the Ohio Valley ReSource’s Nicole Erwin reports, that’s becoming more important in the Ohio Valley as floods become more frequent.

Also on today’s show, federal regulators have ordered all construction of the Mountain Valley Pipeline to stop, at least temporarily. Brittany Patterson has more.

And Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin didn’t show up to the state’s premiere political speaking event in Fancy Farm, Kentucky, last weekend. His absence came as his favorability rating hit a new low and rumors swirl over whether he will seek re-election next year. Meanwhile, Kentucky Democrats are trying to claw their way back into power, but are at a historic low point of registered voters and elected offices in the state. Ryland Barton has this review of Fancy Farm, the Super Bowl of Kentucky politics.

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