West Virginia History Goes Digital


The West Virginia State Museum unveiled its Elementary Edition of West Virginia A Digital Primer.  The online resource, two and a half years in the making, covers grades K-5 social studies West Virginia History Standards.  The site provides interactive content for students and teachers. 

Nancy Herholdt , Education Manager in the Museum was thrilled to get the project launched.  “Where there was no text that met our needs, teachers and others have collaborated to produce a resource that answers those needs.” Partners in the project include West Virginia: Division of Culture and History, the Department of Education, the Library Commission and Public Broadcasting. Included in the resource are primary source documents, lesson plans, videos and the interactive maps. 

Today, Yvonne Martin, one of the teachers who contributed to the primer brought her students to the museum to  give the primer a test drive.  Yvonne loves the museum and all it has to offer.  “I can teach each  of my standards, it is such a rich opportunity.”  Today Yvonnes’ students were accompanied by their “grandfriends” in celebration of Grandparents day.  Everyone was busy putting counties in place and finding our fun facts.

WVPB is excited to be a part of the project.  We have linked the Digital Primer to West Virginia LearningMedia.  We are proud to provide a link to this resource for West Virginians. Additionally, we are also providing this resource on a National Platform so it is there for others from around North America to search for information about West Virginia.

A Secondary Edition is in the works.  We look forward to its completion.-


Nancy Herholdt, Museum Education Manager