Briana Heaney Published

W.Va. Wildfires Steadily Decreasing, Air Still Smoky In Areas Due To Virginia Fire

smoke plumes around grassy area.Eric Douglas/West Virginia Public Broadcasting

As Wildfires are slowly decreasing in the state, the air is staying smoky in some areas due to a massive wildfire in Virginia. 

There are currently an estimated 10,000 acres of active wildfires in the state — down around 5,000 acres over the last two weeks. Last week’s rain reduced the threat of the wildfires spreading and extinguished thousands of acres of active wildfires. Most of the state had around a half inch of rain. 

The southern region, where the majority of the fires are, had the most rain. 

However, the air is still smoky in much of central and southern West Virginia. Joe Curtis, meteorologist with the National Weather Service, said the smoke is coming from the Matts Creek Fire in Virginia. The fire is around 10,106 acres and is 27 percent contained. 

“It’s still bringing a lot of smoke to us in West Virginia, here today. And it’s going to be increasing here this evening as well,” Curtis said. 

Southeasterly winds will be bringing more smoke into central and northern West Virginia throughout the day. More rain is forecasted for this week and is expected to quell fires throughout both states. 

“We’re going to get a pretty good soaking rain, about an inch for most areas, and that should be pretty beneficial and should help out with the fires,” Curtis said.