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W.Va. Proposes Fees in Tank Law to Prevent Chemical Spills


State environmental regulators say the highest-risk aboveground storage tanks could face a $375 annual fee in a law to protect water supplies.

Department of Environmental Protection Secretary Randy Huffman made the comments to a state Senate budget panel Monday. The fees aren’t finalized.

Out of more than 48,000 tanks registered under the law, Huffman said almost 3,800 near a water supply and 3,700 others considered high-risk could face the $375 annual per-tank fee.

Huffman said about 37,000 tanks that aren’t as risky could have to pay a $61 annual fee.

He said about 3,700 tanks containing substances like water and food products wouldn’t have to pay fees.

The law requiring inspections and registrations responds to a chemical spill that spurred a tap-water ban for 300,000 people last January.