Dave Mistich Published

W.Va. Lawmakers Pass Two Bills In Special Session, Punt On Extending Tourism Tax Credit Applications


Lawmakers in Charleston gaveled in Monday for a special session to address three bills requested by Gov. Jim Justice. While the Senate quickly moved on all three measures, activity in the House left one of the bills to go by the wayside.

In a late afternoon floor session, senators suspended a constitutional rule requiring bills be read on three separate days and quickly passed all of the measures proposed by the governor. 

Those bills relate to bringing DUI expungements into compliance with federal law, bonding and debt obligations related to the Roads to Prosperity program and a tourism development tax credit.

The House suspended rules and passed the DUI expungement measure, as well as the road bonding bill. The legislation now heads to Gov. Justice for his signature.

But the lower chamber effectively punted on extending the deadline to apply for the tourism tax credit. Applications for that tourism tax credit end December 31.

The House also passed a resolution allowing adjournment until the call of the Speaker, which is expected to come mid-December during the next round of interim meetings.