Eric Douglas Published

W.Va. Cities And Counties Get Direct Funding From American Rescue Plan

Sunset view of Downtown Fairmont from City Public Safety building

West Virginia expects to receive at least $4 billion in direct federal funding and benefits from the American Rescue Plan that passed the U.S. House of Representatives Wednesday.

President Joe Biden is expected to sign the broad-sweeping aid package into law Friday.

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin met with members of the West Virginia Municipal League (WVML), West Virginia Association of Counties (WVACO) and County Commissioners Association of West Virginia (CCAWV) yesterday to discuss specifics of the legislation.

Along with direct funding in the form of direct payments and tax credits, West Virginia expects to receive up to $677 million for cities across West Virginia and all 55 counties. State government will receive an additional $1.25 billion in funding that will be administered by the governor and state legislature.

Funding For West Virginia Local Governments Includes:

  • $176 million for larger metropolitan cities
  • $153 million for smaller cities
  • $348 million for 55 counties
  • $1.25 billion for the State of West Virginia

This funding may be used to cover expenses related to the COVID-19 pandemic, lost revenue related to the pandemic, and necessary investments in water, sewer, and broadband infrastructure.

The money cannot be used to shore up pension funds or fill budget holes created under certain conditions.

The funding will be distributed in two pieces: the first half will be issued within 60 days; the second half will be distributed roughly 12 months later.

A County By County Breakdown

Barbour County $3.19 M
Berkeley County $23.11 M
Boone County $4.16 M
Braxton County $2.71 M
Brooke County $4.25 M
Cabell County $17.83 M
Calhoun County $1.38 M
Clay County $1.65 M
Doddridge County $1.64 M
Fayette County $8.22 M
Gilmer County $1.52 M
Grant County $2.24 M
Greenbrier County $6.72 M
Hampshire County $4.49 M
Hancock County $5.59 M
Hardy County $2.67 M
Harrison County $13.04 M
Jackson County $5.54 M
Jefferson County $11.08 M
Kanawha County $34.55 M
Lewis County $3.09 M
Lincoln County $3.96 M
Logan County $6.21 M
McDowell County $3.42 M
Marion County $10.87 M
Marshall County $5.92 M
Mason County $5.14 M
Mercer County $11.40 M
Mineral County $5.21 M
Mingo County $4.54 M
Monongalia County $20.48 M
Monroe County $2.57 M
Morgan County $3.47 M
Nicholas County $4.75 M
Ohio County $8.03 M
Pendleton County $1.35 M
Pleasants County $1.45 M
Pocahontas County $1.60 M
Preston County $6.48 M
Putnam County $10.95 M
Raleigh County $14.23 M
Randolph County $5.57 M
Ritchie County $1.85 M
Roane County $2.65 M
Summers County $2.44 M
Taylor County $3.24 M
Tucker County $1.33 M
Tyler County $1.67 M
Upshur County $4.69 M
Wayne County $7.64 M
Webster County $1.57 M
Wetzel County $2.92 M
Wirt County $1.13 M
Wood County $16.20 M
Wyoming County $3.96 M

Cities and municipalities will receive direct funding based on population.