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Voters in Kanawha County Town Cast Ballots in Wrong District

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Numerous residents in a Charleston-area town have been voting in the wrong state Senate district for the past four years.

Based on county precinct maps, Malden should be split into two precincts, Precinct 123 and Precinct 115. But Kanawha County Clerk Vera McCormick confirmed to The Charleston Gazette-Mail that most Malden residents have been placed in Precinct 117, with registrations spanning back to 2012.

It is unclear how many registered voters in Malden have voted in the wrong race over the past four years.

Delegate Larry Rowe of Kanawha County estimates there are nearly 600 people who live in Malden.

The county is not sure how the error occurred. McCormick says it could stem from the consolidation of precinct lines as populations have shrunk in the eastern part of Kanawha County.