Chris Schulz Published

Voter Registration Reminder Postcards Sent To State’s Voters

A blue and red sign for early voting posted in front of polling station.
The decision to run for political office comes with rules, responsibilities and reflection.
Kamil Krzaczynski/Getty Images

Nearly 16,000 West Virginia voters will soon receive a postcard from the Secretary of State’s office to confirm their voter registration.

When voters update their address at other agencies or move to a different state, that information does not automatically update or cancel a voter’s old registration. 

If a voter receives a postcard at their current address, no action is required. 

If a voter does not respond, no action will be taken on their voter registration status. The postcard is merely a reminder, participation is voluntary, and it will not affect the voters’ ability to vote in upcoming elections.

Voters that receive a reminder, and have moved to another address or state, can update or cancel their voter registration by filling out the postcard and mailing it back to their county clerk using the return address printed on the card. 

Existing registrations can also be updated at any time by visiting or the QR code included on the postcard.