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Two W.Va. Supreme Court Candidates Use Public Fundraising


Candidates for the West Virginia Supreme Court are spending in the six-figure range using public money.

In campaign finance reports, incumbent Justice Brent Benjamin accepted $483,500 from the state’s Public Campaign Finance Fund. He has spent about $468,000 since late last March and has $66,100 cash remaining.

Bill Wooton yielded $475,000 through public campaign financing. He has spent $107,800 and has $437,900 cash on hand. Benjamin and Wooton are airing TV ads.

Beth Walker reported raising $170,100 and a $250,000 loan from her husband. She has $347,400 cash left.

Darrell McGraw raised $52,900 and has $48,000 cash left.

Wayne King’s report wasn’t filed on the secretary of state’s website.

The five-way race will be nonpartisan and decided during the May 10 primary for the first time.