Caroline MacGregor Published

TSA Agents Sound Alarm About Guns In Carry-On 

A woman wearing blue jeans and a blue top walking through an airport pulling a carry on bag.West Virginia International Yeager Airport/Facebook

West Virginia International Yeager Airport officials are reporting an increase in the number of guns found in carry-on bags during TSA checkpoint screening. 

On Wednesday, July 5th, Yeager Transportation Security Administration agents discovered the eighth firearm this year in a passenger’s carry-on luggage. 

Last year Yeager TSA agents only found six guns for the whole year. This is the most firearms the airport has seen in five years.

According to the TSA, the gun discovered Wednesday was packed with two gun magazines loaded with a total of 11 bullets. The owner, a Putnam County man, was cited on a weapons charge and faces a stiff federal financial civil penalty for bringing his gun to the checkpoint.

Chief of Police at West Virginia International Yeager Airport, Eric Johnson, said he is deeply concerned about what he considers a high number of firearms discovered during screening at the TSA checkpoint. 

“The fact that we have already encountered eight firearms at the TSA checkpoint this year is extremely alarming,” Johnson said. “It is imperative that passengers understand the gravity of this issue and strictly adhere to the TSA regulations in order to ensure the safety of everyone within the airport.”

Johnson said in addition to being dangerous, carrying guns in carry-on bags results in delays for passengers. Firearms by law must be packed properly in checked luggage and declared at the airline check-in counter to be transported in the belly of the aircraft.

He said passengers failing to declare guns or attempting to conceal them in carry on luggage face fines as high as $15,000 or even arrest. 

“We urge the public to take these regulations seriously and play their part in maintaining a safe environment at West Virginia International Yeager Airport,” Johnson said. “The security of our passengers, employees, and the general public is our utmost priority, and we will continue to work diligently to ensure their well-being.”

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