Ticks, Farmers And JFK On This West Virginia Morning


On this West Virginia Morning, we talk about a Lyme disease vaccination in the works, farmers’ views on trade wars in the lead up to the general election, and a new book called “The Primary That Made a President: John F. Kennedy and West Virginia.”

For many of us, getting outside into nature has been a saving grace during the coronavirus pandemic. And while studies show nature is good for our mental and physical well-being, our friend Mother Nature is not all sunshine and rainbows. Nature means bugs, and bugs mean ticks. Ticks could also mean Lyme disease. Brittany Patterson has this report on efforts at West Virginia University to develop a vaccine for this disease that scientists say is becoming more common, in part, because of climate change.

Ohio Valley farmers have received more than $1 billion in federal relief money during the Trump administration to offset the economic impact of the president’s trade war, and more recently, the coronavirus pandemic. With Election Day nearing, Liam Niemeyer spoke with regional farmers to get their views on the trade war, the pandemic, and the record amounts of federal relief money flowing into agriculture.

The 1960 Democratic Presidential Primary between John F. Kennedy and Hubert Humphrey was a watershed event in American politics – addressing both money and religion. Kennedy was the first, and so far, only Catholic president of the United States. He credited West Virginia, which is largely Protestant, for making it happen. In the new book “The Primary That Made a President: John F. Kennedy and West Virginia,” author and Wesleyan college professor Robert Rupp explores this issue. He spoke with Eric Douglas via zoom.

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