This West Virginia Morning, the Three E's: Energy, Environment, and Economy


We’ve fielded quite a few questions from people throughout the region who want to know more about a major deal the State of West Virginia struck with China Energy, the largest energy company in China. Glynis Board recently sat down with the director of WVU’s Energy Institute to get more insight into how this deal was made and what the implications might be. 

And we’ll hear from concerned citizens and state officials in an eastern Kentucky who are trying to resolve the best way to deal with the tons of radioactive waste illegally dumped in a landfill. The waste came from the natural gas drilling called fracking. As Mary Meehan explains, years after the illegal dumping, this type of waste is still not adequately tracked or regulated.

We’ll also look closer at how the construction of new pipelines being built in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio could affect wildlife in Appalachia. The Allegheny Front’s Julie Grant reports these lines have far less oversight and could be having big impacts on smaller streams, and the wildlife that lives there.