Ashton Marra Published

The 'Quiet', Nearly Non-Existent Campaign for The 1st Congressional District


State Auditor Glen Gainer says his campaign efforts in the 1st Congressional District are “grassroots” and he’s working to reach out to the voter on a individual level instead of wasting precious campaign dollars on television advertising.

In our reporter roundtable, Misty Poe, managing editor of the Times West Virginian, says while that may be his focus, she’s not seeing those grassroots efforts in the 1st District. Dave Boucher with the Charleston Daily Mail adds a statewide perspective to that race.

We profile Mountain Party candidate for U. S. Senate Bob Henry Baber who has run for political office in the past, and Dr. Neil Berch from West Virginia University discusses the political implications of Sen. Joe Manchin’s vote not to send U. S. aid to Syrian rebels in their fight against ISIS.