Dave Mistich Published

Teacher Pay Raise Bill Heads to Governor as Walkout Looms


With a statewide teacher walkout looming for Thursday and Friday, the West Virginia Legislature is sending a pay raise bill to the governor that awaits his signature.

After the Senate approved an amendment from the body’s Rules Committee, the House debated the latest version of Senate Bill 267 for nearly two hours before deciding to concur with the Senate’s amendment.

Senate Bill 267 now calls for a 2 percent pay increase this coming fiscal year, with an additional 1 percent increase each year the following two years. The current version of the bill cuts down on versions passed earlier by both the House and Senate.

The House version passed last week called for a 2 percent increase this year and a 1 percent hike each year for three years. The Senate originally passed a version that called for a 1 percent increase each year for five years.


The passage of the bill comes after state leaders of teacher unions announced Saturday a statewide work stoppage for this Thursday and Friday.


Editor’s Note: This story will be updated.