Women’s Locker Room Hidden Camera Court Cases Scheduled For Fall

Trial dates are set involving dozens of women who fear they were viewed or recorded on a hidden West Virginia State Police locker room camera.

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Superintendent Of State Police Provides Updates On Investigations, Reforms 

It’s been a year since allegations of illicit recordings of cadets and other women at the West Virginia State Police barracks launched federal and state investigations into the law enforcement department.  In the aftermath, Col. J.C. Chambers was named superintendent of the state police. He spoke with reporter Chris Schulz to provide some updates on the investigations, as well as to discuss reforms he has implemented during his tenure.

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State Vehicle Inspections Now Due Every Two Years

After legislation passed last March, as of January 1, 2024, West Virginia drivers can now go two years without a state vehicle inspection, not one. But not everyone thinks that’s a great idea.

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Trooper Faces Leg Amputation After Shooting In Eastern Panhandle

One of the troopers involved in the Martinsburg shooting Sunday has lost part of his leg.

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