Storer College

Biography Details Life Of Longest Serving Black Teacher At Harpers Ferry's Storer College

In 2017, Lynn Pechuekonis moved into her residence in Harpers Ferry, soon discovering it was the previous home of the longest serving Black teacher at the historical Storer College. Pechuekonis’ curiosity and research led her to create a biography about that teacher, William Saunders.

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Storer College’s 155th Anniversary Recognized

Harpers Ferry National Historical Park is recognizing the 155th anniversary of the founding of the historic Storer College this weekend.

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Eastern Panhandle Printmaker Highlights Historical Storer College Portraits In Art Exhibit

An Eastern Panhandle artist is displaying an exhibit this month based on photographs of students at Storer College, a historically Black college in Harpers Ferry that was created after the Civil War.

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October 2, 1867: Foundation of Storer College in Harpers Ferry

On October 2, 1867, Storer College was founded in Harpers Ferry. It was established by the Freewill Baptist Church two years after the Civil War to educate freed slaves in the Shenandoah Valley.

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