Encore: The Love Of Competition, Inside Appalachia

Appalachians love to compete. Whether it’s recreational league softball, a turkey calling contest or workplace chili cook offs, Mountain folks are in it to win it. But there’s more to competing than just winning or losing. In this show, we’ll meet competitors who are also keepers of beloved Appalachian traditions.

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New Podcast Delves Into Morgantown Disappearance, W.Va. Counterculture

A podcast titled “I Was Never There” aims to shed new light on the disappearance, amidst a backdrop of the era’s “Back to the Land” movement.

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W.Va. Podcast Reaches Millions Each Month

A fun effort that started out as a Facebook page to discuss comic books and science fiction has blossomed into a podcast with millions of listeners. Eric Douglas spoke with Michael Wall about how the podcast “Too Opinionated” began and an upcoming audio drama based on the pandemic.

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