Nursing Shortage

Prosecuting COVID-19 Fraud, Pharmacy Deserts and Spotting The Early Signs Of Dementia, This West Virginia Week

This week we heard about prosecutors on the trail of illegally obtained COVID-19 relief funds and communities grappling with the loss of pharmacies

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Health Care Staffing Shortages And State House Of Delegates Sees Renovations, This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, staffing shortages place an immense strain on the entire health care system. They leave hospitals and medical centers overwhelmed and unable to provide optimal care for patients. Appalachia Health News Reporter Emily Rice continues our radio series. “Help Wanted: Understanding West Virginia’s Labor Force.”

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Nursing Shortages Limit Timely Care In W.Va.

Nursing had the highest overall rates of vacancies and turnovers of all the professions studied in a hospital workforce report.

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W.Va. Hospitals Continue To Struggle Post-COVID-19

West Virginia’s hospitals continue to navigate an altered landscape since the onset of COVID-19. While there has been progress over the past year, hospitals in West Virginia still face a broad ranging shortage of healthcare workers. Health care providers struggle with a backlog of care for patients, problems with supply chains, mounting financial pressures and legislative changes to insurance.

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