Alzheimer’s Awareness Day Recognized By State Officials

Thursday is Alzheimer's Awareness Day in West Virginia. More than six million Americans are affected by the cognitive disease, including around 40,000 West Virginians. Less than half of those with the disease are formally diagnosed.

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W.Va. Abortion And Disabilities Act Takes Effect

Titled “The Unborn Child With Down Syndrome Protection and Education Act,” the law prohibits licensed medical professionals from performing abortions if the fetus has a disability, unless there is a medical emergency or there is a non-medically viable fetus.

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Democrats Renew Call For Gas Tax Holiday

West Virginia Democrats responded to Justice’s statement from Monday that he’s considering a one-month gas tax holiday. He said he was also considering calling a special session next week.

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Justice Considering Gas Tax Holiday

Gov. Jim Justice is reconsidering a gas tax holiday to help relieve West Virginia drivers from pain at the pump.

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