Left Lane Driving

Senate Steadily Passes House Bills Back To House

House Bill 5091, or the West Virginia Critical Infrastructure Protection Act, increases penalties for trespassing or damaging those areas. There are some drastic increases in fines in the bill like an increase in the  maximum fine from $5,000 to $100,000. The bill heads back to the House for consideration. 

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Legislature Paves Way For New Green Technology

The process of taking carbon out of the air and storing it is called carbon sequestration. Trees naturally sequester carbon by absorbing it out of the air, using it for energy, and storing some of that energy in their roots.  New green technology called carbon capture can take CO2 released during the burning of greenhouse gasses out of the air. Air is filtered through a fan that uses technology to remove the CO2, turn that CO2 into a liquid, and then pump it into the ground.

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