Kanawha-Charleston Health Department

County Officials Prepare To Request Federal Assistance For Communities Hit Hard By Floods

“We had no warning. The high river was our warning,” Carper said. “When the calls started coming to 911 and people were literally running out of their homes fleeing, and roads were being covered up, washed out, that was our warning. And then the National Weather Service put out just about the strongest alert they know how to put out for floods.”

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Health Officials Sound Alarm Over Respiratory Infections

Health officials from the Kanawha-Charleston Health Department are reporting an uptick in numbers of respiratory infections in Kanawha Valley.

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Distribution Of COVID-19 Deaths Uneven Across W.Va.

Earlier this week, West Virginia surpassed 7,500 COVID-19 deaths. But the virus has not had an equal impact everywhere. Across the country, some states and communities continue to be harder hit by the pandemic than others, and West Virginia is no exception — even varying by county.

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