Council Tours W.Va. With Compassion Message For People Released From Incarceration

About seven years ago, the West Virginia Council of Churches created the West Virginia Reentry Council to help people navigate the probationary system while juggling everyday responsibilities.

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Us & Them Explores Juvenile Justice Divides

While the rest of the country is experiencing sharp declines in the number of youth confined to correctional and residential facilities, West Virginia confines a higher share of its youth than almost any state in the nation. Why is this?

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Berkeley County Litter Program Takes On Waste One Mile At A Time

Berkeley County’s Community Service Roadside Litter Program, which launched three years ago, is the only litter program in the state that is full-time, runs five days a week and uses community service day-in-and-day-out. Most of the participants are people who have chosen community service instead of being incarcerated.

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Q & A: What Would Criminal Justice Reform Look Like In West Virginia?

Some state lawmakers in West Virginia are looking at some ways to address our overcrowded prison system and help more previously incarcerated people…

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