Greyhound Racing

Encore: Maternal Medicine In The Mountains

This week on Inside Appalachia, amid recent hospital closures, Appalachian women are having to travel farther and farther to give birth. We also learn how seed libraries and community gardens are helping to protect heirloom seeds from being lost. And we hear more from our series on greyhound racing. This year, West Virginia will be home to the last two remaining greyhound racetracks in the United States.

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Will A New Legislative Makeup Affect W.Va.’s Greyhound Racing Industry?

In 2023, West Virginia will be the only state left with greyhound racing. Industry opponents say a new legislative makeup could end the sport here. Proponents say it’s stronger than ever.

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Part Four: Greyhound Adoption Popular, But Appeal Could Wane With Industry

When dogs are done racing, it's time for them to enjoy a well-earned retirement. Demand to adopt racing greyhounds in particular is high.

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Part Three: The Case To ‘Uncouple’ Greyhound Racing And W.Va.’s State Government

Since 2007, West Virginia law has said state sanctioned casinos cannot operate without having horse or dog racing. A 2017 bill to eliminate the state’s role in greyhound racing was passed by the West Virginia Legislature but vetoed by Gov. Jim Justice.

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