Police Search For Woman Who Lied About Flood Damage

Hackney is accused of lying to two disaster relief agencies to obtain aid after claiming her Cabin Creek home was damaged in floods late last month.

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Communities Work Together In The Aftermath Of Devastating Floods

“These are our people, we have to help." WVPB speaks with community members affected by recent flooding in Kanawha County. The communities around Slaughter, Witcher, Fields, Kelly and Horse Mill Creek had six to nine inches of precipitation through Monday morning.

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County Officials Prepare To Request Federal Assistance For Communities Hit Hard By Floods

“We had no warning. The high river was our warning,” Carper said. “When the calls started coming to 911 and people were literally running out of their homes fleeing, and roads were being covered up, washed out, that was our warning. And then the National Weather Service put out just about the strongest alert they know how to put out for floods.”

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Ballad Of Muddy Water Endures And Brings Healing

The back-to-back horrific McDowell County floods of 2001 and 2002 were widely reported by print, radio and TV, but these outlets could not tell the story and bring healing like Alan Cathead Johnston’s ballad, Muddy Water, with healing effects that still endure.

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