Eric Tarr

State Natural Disaster Emergency Funding Becomes Political Squabble

Gov. Jim Justice said the opinions of some legislative leaders that he can use some of the $85 million Civil Contingency Fund for emergency relief are wrong. Those leaders say otherwise.

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Federal Government Asks For $465 Million Back As Legislators Look For Fix 

A surprise notification from the federal government that the state must return nearly half a billion dollars in COVID-19 funds has several major funding issues on hold.  These last days of the regular session are typically when state budget issues are debated and resolved.

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Bill That Greatly Reduces Unemployment Benefits Advances

Senate Bill 840 would reduce the maximum amount to $550 dollars a week.  Senate Bill 841 reduces the duration of benefits. It works on a tiered system based on statewide unemployment numbers. If the statewide unemployment number is under 5 percent — which it currently is —  then the maximum benefit duration would be 12 weeks, cutting it down by more than half.

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