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Documentary Film Dives Deeper Into Minden, W.Va. Contamination

A film called Impossible Town, based in Minden, West Virginia features Dr. Ayne Amjad’s efforts to relocate the town’s residents after decades of exposure to chemical contamination during her tenure as the state’s health officer.

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O Pioneer, Turtle Travels And Throwing Rocks, Inside Appalachia

This week on Inside Appalachia, Appalachians are often called mountaineers — but are they also "pioneers?" A new documentary reckons with what it means… to be a pioneer. In Michigan, an Appalachian mountain man competes in a championship tournament, for skipping stones — and we wade into a mountain wetland to search for one of the region’s most elusive creatures. 

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‘A House In The Clouds’ Documentary Highlights Life Of LGBTQ Artist In West Virginia

Douglas Imbrogno and Bobby Messer’s Film “A House In The Clouds: The Artistic Life of Robert Singleton'' is a documentary about the life of Robert Singleton -- a gay man who grew up in Appalachia and survived loss, discrimination, and trauma to ultimately become an award winning artitst. Imbrogno said it's not a story of a superhuman, but a story of a life well lived, despite hardships. 

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Sillier Side Of Minor League Baseball And A Look At New Film ‘King Coal,’ This West Virginia Morning

On this West Virginia Morning, Elaine McMillion Sheldon’s latest documentary is called “King Coal.” The imaginative film focuses on central Appalachia, how coal mining has influenced its culture and how that may be changing. Inside Appalachia host Mason Adams spoke with Sheldon and co-producer Molly Born about the film.

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