Cynthia Persily

Department Of Human Services Continues To Deny Culpability In Passing Of Boone County Girl

Cynthia Persily sat down with a WSAZ reporter to discuss the case. Persily told WSAZ that the Department of Human Services had no records at all of Kyneddi Miller.

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DoHS Promises Transparency In Spending New Reserve Fund

Following a special session focused largely on funding her department, the Secretary of the West Virginia Department of Human Services, Cynthia Persily, released a statement promising transparency Tuesday.

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After Death Of Boone County Girl, Gov. Jim Justice Faces Questions On Transparency

After the death of 14-year-old Kyneddi Miller, who was discovered by police in a near skeletal state on the bathroom floor, questions about what could have been done to prevent this are swirling.  State officials, as well as members of the media, have requested information from the state to find out what was done -- and what wasn't -- by state agencies charged with protecting the welfare of children in the state. Yet little to no information has been released, despite FOIA requests

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