Abuse & Neglect

Death Of Kyneddi Miller Sparks Policy Conversations Around CPS And Homeschooling

Kyneddi Miller was found dead in her home in April. A police report said the 14-year-old girl was found deceased in what a police report described as a “near skeleton state.” Her grandparents and mother have been charged with abuse and neglect. Now officials are pointing fingers at what organizations and policies created the crack that Miller fell through. There is also a rally planned for Wednesday morning by community members.

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Child Welfare Removal: A Difficult Process For Children

Even in ideal circumstances, the removal of a child from their home by Child Protective Services is always traumatic. Emily Rice spoke with community advocates about that process and what resources children need to adapt.

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Boone County Girl Update: Justice Confirms Police Drove To CPS To Make Referral

A West Virginia State Trooper said he saw Kyneddi Miller nearly a year before her death and filed a Child Protective Service (CPS) referral in person at the agency’s Boone County office in March of 2023. Yet CPS has denied any record of this.  ...

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W.Va.’s First Foster Care Ombudsman Resigns

The appointed watchdog of the West Virginia Foster Care System has resigned, effective June 6.

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