2023 Special Session

Special Legislative Session Ends With Closing Remarks From Hanshaw, Blair

Tuesday night, both the Senate and the House of Delegates closed the first extraordinary session of 2023 after passing 35 of the 44 introduced bills. Both leaders spoke to end the session.

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Fast Tracking Special Session Bills Cause Concern

With concerns from members of both parties over the lack of standard consideration and debate on dozens of proposed bills, the August special West Virginia Legislative session continued into day three on Tuesday.  

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Commissioner Reports Reduced CPS Vacancies

During the interim legislative session, Commissioner of the Bureau for Social Services Jeffrey Pack provided updates on hiring and retention initiatives in the department.

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Firefighters Receive One-Time Legislative Funding, EMS Gets Zero

Many counties cannot raise enough money to properly fund their Emergency Medical Services, even though the state has a $1.8 billion dollar budget surplus.  Most ambulance agencies are either non-profit or private entities that receive little, or no funding from state, county and local governments.

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