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Tab for 35th House District Ballot Reprint Will Be $37,000


Kanawha County Clerk Vera McCormick says reprinting ballots to include a Republican House of Delegates candidate will cost $37,000.

McCormick told media outlets 50,800 ballots will be reprinted after a Supreme Court decision Wednesday. The ruling requires adding Marie Sprouse-McDavid’s name. New ballots will be sent to 103 people already sent absentee ballots.

In August, election commissioners denied Republicans’ request to fill the 35th District ballot after GOP Del. Suzette Raines withdrew.

Raines cited her mother’s death in March and the end of her engagement. She’s completing her term.

State Democrats sued Raines, alleging she doesn’t live where she claims and didn’t complete certain paperwork.

The ruling says Secretary of State Natalie Tennant and state election commissioners misinterpreted election laws by letting Raines withdraw without filling the ballot opening.