Struggle To Stay Series Comes To a Close


On this West Virginia Morning, we conclude our 8-month series, The Struggle to Stay. We hear the final chapter of Derek Akal’s story.

Derek is from a coal-camp town called Lynch, in Harlan County, Kentucky. The last time we heard from Derek, he was planning to move to California. But to do that, he needs to save enough money.

Now, more than a year after reporter Benny Becker with the Ohio Valley ReSource and WMMT began following Derek — we’ll hear if Derek Akal’s been able to make his plan work.

Also on today’s show,  many towns and cities will host Christmas parades and other holiday festivals in December. But only one town can claim to have a historic covered bridge in the backdrop of their festivities. The town of Phillipi is hoping to brand itself as a Christmas destination, with a historic twist. Alderson Broaddus University student, Malik Washington, reports.

Thanks to the Mass Communications Department at Alderson Broaddus University for that story.