Liz McCormick Published

State Treasurer Returns Unclaimed Property to Nitro City Mayor


West Virginia State Treasurer, John Perdue returned tangible, unclaimed property items to Nitro City Mayor David Casebolt today during a presentation at Nitro City Hall. This event was a big deal for the State Treasurer and the mayor.

According to State Treasurer Perdue, it’s fairly easy to return unclaimed money, but returning unclaimed property can be very difficult, due to long dormancy periods and outdated contact information. Perdue says he’s very excited to return these items to the mayor, and that it gives a message to all West Virginians; perhaps what you thought was lost may just be a click away.


Credit Liz McCormick
From left to right, Gina Joynes, Deputy Treasurer, Nitro City Mayor, David Casebolt, and West Virginia State Treasurer, John Perdue at Nitro City Hall.

Go to our website, look and see, you never know, you may find that personal item that you’ve lost, that’s been misplaced by your mother or grandmother or father, something like that.”

Purdue and his staff got lucky recognizing the mayor’s name on the unclaimed property and are happy that they are able to return his personal, family treasures. Items left in safe deposit boxes that are dormant for five years or more are turned over to the State Treasury’s Unclaimed Property Division. Unclaimed property can include things like expensive jewelry, rare coins, savings bonds, unique sports cards, and other items that are commonly stored in bank safe deposit boxes.