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State School Board Votes to Close Randolph County Elementary

Randolph County

The West Virginia Board of Education has agreed to close an elementary school in Randolph County that has 27 students.Randolph County

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports the board voted Thursday to close Valley Head Elementary. The students will be transferred to George Ward Elementary next school year.

Randolph County school board members previously voted to close the school, but the move requires the state board to approve the decision.

Valley Head has split-grade classrooms, with multiple grade levels being taught by the same teacher.

State board member Miller Hall said closing the school seems to be in the best interests of the students over the long run.

School Principal Melissa Wilfong, who said she is in her sixth year as principal, declined comment afterward.

George Coussoule, who supported keeping the school open, said after the vote that he was disappointed.