Chris Schulz Published

State Receives More Money For Water Infrastructure Projects

Water pouring from a faucet into a clear glass cup.Jasonanaggie/Wikimedia Commons

Millions of dollars will help communities across the state to repair and improve their water infrastructure. 

During Wednesday’s briefing, Gov. Jim Justice announced that the West Virginia Water Development Authority (WDA) recently approved more than $31 million for 17 infrastructure-related projects funded by the Economic Enhancement Grant Fund.

Justice highlighted a few of the projects, including one for Clay County to update and complete the judicial annex after the 2016 flood damaged the courthouse.

“We’ve got so many water projects in West Virginia that need real help,” he said. “Do we not deserve to have good clean drinking water? Do we not deserve to have projects and improvements that are made in West Virginia to where life is better for those folks in these communities?”

The governor also drew attention to funds for the Sistersville Healthcare Facility. The $9.4 million grant is the largest individual allotment in the group.

To date, the Water Development Authority has approved 100 projects with a total project cost of $1.1 billion and a state match of $280 million spread across 43 counties.