Chris Schulz Published

State, Federal Funds Support Fire Services, Water Infrastructure

Water pouring from a faucet into a clear glass cup.Jasonanaggie/Wikimedia Commons

During his weekly media briefing Thursday, Governor Jim Justice announced the first distribution of $3 million dollars in funding for fire services in West Virginia.

“Our volunteer fire departments, gosh. What would we do without all these people?” Justice said. “People that are stepping up and volunteering and trying to help communities over and over and over. And they do, not only they save all kinds of lives, but to help us in every way imaginable.”

The funding comes after the passage and signing of Senate Bill’s 1022 and 1023, supplementing appropriations to the Division of Emergency Management, Growth County Fire Protection Fund, and County Fire Protection Fund. 

The first round of funding contained in SB 1022 has been released through the County Fire Protection Fund, delivering resources to all 55 counties in West Virginia.  

The funds can be used for Fire Departments and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to purchase equipment, education and training expenses or to offset costs associated with compliance with Insurance Service Office (ISO) recommendations, utility bills and insurance payments.

The governor also announced more than $10 million in federal funds for infrastructure advancements in three West Virginia communities.

“I’m thrilled to be able to share some news regarding critical infrastructure projects in West Virginia,” Justice said.

The funding from the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency was secured through $2.8 million in matching funds from the state.

The projects in Randolph, Wyoming and Tucker counties will improve water infrastructure, including water treatment and extending water service to communities lacking a reliable drinking water source.