Joni Deutsch Published

So, What'd You Think of Our #WhyListen First Listen Music Party?


If you’re reading this right now, chances are you made it out to last night night’s #WhyListen First Listen Music Party at Black Sheep Burrito & Brews in Charleston. If you did, we have a new music playlist waiting for ya.

But first things first: Thanks so much for coming out and talking music with me, Mountain Stage‘s Larry Groce and Charleston bassist/songwriter John Inghram! Your support makes cool #wvpublic events like this happen.

If you walked away with a new favorite song and want to see more of these #WhyListen events around the state, become a member of West Virginia Public Broadcasting for $10 during our Chocolate Challenge. You’ll even be entered to win a trip to see This American Life’s Ira Glass in-person.

And considering we’re still in the infant stages of our NPR Generation Listen collaboration, we want to hear from you about how Thursday’s shindig went. What did we absolutely nail? What could we have done better? Click here to give us your feedback.

Now, on to music: here is last night’s #WhyListen new music playlist, including a handy-dandy Spotify playlist with most of the night’s music (where available). Happy listening!


1. Red Baraat- “Horizon Line (Live from KEXP)”

2. Night Moves- “Denise, Don’t Want to See You Cry”

3. Esperanza Spalding- “Good Lava”

4. Jeff Ellis– “On the Road Right Now”

5. Kirt Debique– “Descent”

6. Laser- “Disconnect”

7. The Heavy- “Since You Been Gone”

8. Ra Ra Riot- “Water”

9. Qiet– “Daddy’s Too Old”

10. Boss Selection- “Flip and Rewind” (feat. Rashida Jones)

11. Iggy Pop- “Gardenia”

12. Star & Micey- “I Can’t Wait”

13. David Bowie- “Lazarus”

14. William Matheny– “Living Half to Death”

15. Father John Misty- “Maybe, Sweet One, You Won’t have Nightmares Tonight”

16. Time and Distance- “Something More”

17. Lizzo- “My Skin”

18. Mavis Staples- “High Note”

19. M. Ward- “Girl from Conejo Valley”