Small-scale Logging Still Big Business in W.Va.


On this West Virginia Morning, most of the state’s trees are harvested by small-scale logging operations, like the one owned by Scotty Cook in Elkins.  

Producer Jean Snedegar joins Cook on his latest job in a remote area of southern Randolph County.  

Aircraft manufacturing has a long history in the Ohio Valley region stretching back to the Wright Brothers’ first shop. Today aerospace products are among the area’s top-dollar exports — the second biggest export for Ohio, and number one for Kentucky.

Becca Schimmel visited one aerospace facility in rural Kentucky to learn how the industry has developed, and where it might be heading.

West Virginia’s Republican Attorney General has added his name to the list of candidates vying for Democrat Joe Manchin’s seat in the U.S. Senate. Ashton Marra reports the 2018 race is starting to heat up with 15 months to go until Election Day.