Sid's Weather Adventure


Sid the Science Kid is about to head to Minnesota to celebrate the holidays with his family.  He is a reluctant traveler as he knows the weather will be cold and different from his home.  Sid, like any curious kid, with the help of his friends sets about exploring what temperature is and what it means.

Take your Pre-K to 1st grade scientists along on this adventure. Sid’s Holiday Adventure. In a series of 7 short clips (between 1-5 minutes) Sid and his gang follow the scientific inquiry process: the problem is identified, data is collected, hypotheses are made, experiments conducted, findings are recorded and published.  A simple approach to using this resource this is to introduce each section of the process with a clip from Sid and friends and then have your scientist follow along.  Keeping a science journal is fun and the students can report their findings to family just like Sid.

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