Sen. Manchin Wants America (Mostly) Out of Afghanistan By Year's End

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin

In a press conference call with reporters Tuesday, Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) made a passionate case to bring most American forces back from Afghanistan by the end of 2014.

Manchin says after this year, American forces should only be at Bagram Airfield in that country. It is the largest U.S. military base in Afghanistan.

Manchin says that both his frustrations with the American nation’s financial instability, along with the nation’s lengthy stay in that country, are reasons for his feelings.

I’m of the mindset that all of the money and all of the military might in the world will not change that part of the world,” Manchin said ardently in a conference call.

“We should not be there. I’m happy to leave and say adios. 2014, it’s over, you’re on your own.”

Manchin says instead America’s infrastructure needs help, and finances should go to that. That includes training the workforce for new jobs.

Manchin’s pleas to leave Afghanistan have made him a target for political attacks in the past. This CBS News story examines that issue.