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Scientists to Discuss Economic and Community Impact of Research

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Four scientists from state colleges and universities plan to discuss the economic and community impact of research programs at a forum at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park in South Charleston.

The Tuesday event by the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission’s Division of Science and Research features scientists from Concord, Marshall, West Virginia and West Virginia State universities.

Concord geology professor Joe Allen has researched earthquakes in deep fault zones.

WVU chemical engineering professor Brian Anderson studies development of sustainable energy systems.

Professor Sanjaya, director of West Virginia State’s Energy and Environmental Science Institute, researches the innovative use of plants to clean up the environment and ways to enhance their bioenergy and nutritional value.

Professor Nadja Spitzer of Marshall has received a National Science Foundation award for her research into exposure to silver nanoparticles and how it could be affecting the brains of children and adults.