Shepherd Snyder Published

Scholarship Sweepstakes Announced On SMART529 Anniversary

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West Virginia’s State Treasurer’s office launched a scholarship sweepstakes Wednesday for children 14 and younger in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the state’s SMART529 savings plan.

Contestants will be eligible to win one of three scholarships, each worth $20,000. The scholarships will be awarded to the randomly chosen winners once a month from October through December.

The original SMART529 plan began in 2002 to help West Virginians create college education savings plans through the treasurer’s office. More than 37,000 accounts exist today.

Entries must be completed by a parent or guardian, and both caretaker and child must be West Virginia residents. Only one entry per child is allowed, but multiple children in a household can be entered.

More information on the contest, including registration, is available on the State Treasury website.