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Rockefeller: New President's Party Won't Change Coal Woes

Sen. Jay Rockefeller

Former U.S. Sen. Jay Rockefeller says whether a Republican or Democrat wins the White House won’t make a difference in the big picture of West Virginia’s hurting coal industry.

The Democrat spoke Friday at the National Energy Conference at West Virginia University’s College of Law. The event discussed the industry’s issues and options to move the struggling state forward.

Rockefeller said a Republican president may rein in the Environmental Protection Agency a little bit, but many policies will be upheld by courts.

Rockefeller called for people to stop listening only to what they agree with ideologically. He said people have lined up on sides this presidential election, and he “simply can’t stand it.”

Rockefeller called for West Virginians to be hopeful, not grim, in trying to transition their economy.