Suzanne Higgins Published

Rockefeller Announces Endowment in His Final Message From Senate Office

In his final message from his United States Senate office, Sen. Jay Rockefeller announced Friday that he will endow a scholarship to the John D. Rockefeller IV School of Policy and Politics at West Virginia University, the location of his Senatorial Archives.

The following is the Senator’s announcement:

As this chapter of my Senate career comes to a close, I feel fortunate to have been able to dedicate fifty years to public service. I could not imagine a more rewarding career.
As I see and talk with the incredible students across our state, I am optimistic about our future. These bright stars will be the public servants and leaders of tomorrow. I hope they find the noble calling of public service to be as rewarding as I have.
In schools throughout West Virginia, students are learning, experiencing, and growing into those who will shape our future.  I am proud of the work being done by the amazing educators and mentors in each of these schools.
And I was proud to announce the founding of the John D. Rockefeller IV School of Policy and Politics, and the establishment of my Senatorial Archives at West Virginia University as a new place for students to ignite their passion for public service through ferocious academic thought, deep and fearless research, and solid policy.
Giving a student or young person the chance to “get outside of themselves” by experiencing a different environment is a hallmark of growth and a natural path to service. Often, these experiences offer the richest and most meaningful learning opportunities. I know my time in Japan and experience as a VISTA volunteer in Emmons were the most personally transformative times of my life. Those days set my moral compass for public service.
Yet many students do not have the financial ability to engage in service learning opportunities. So, I am especially honored to announce today that I will be endowing a scholarship to the School of Policy and Politics for those who are pursuing a path in public service.
This annual scholarship will help outstanding students by supporting intensive, service learning opportunities related to policy, leadership, and public service in areas related to challenges facing the state of West Virginia. I believe there is no better investment in our future than to help tomorrow’s leaders find their path to help create a greater and stronger future for West Virginia and the Nation.
In all of our communities in West Virginia, one thing is clear – public service is the driving force behind our state. Our public servants keep us safe, educate our children, nurse our loved ones back to health, and protect us. They are the heart of our state.
I look forward to seeing the next generation of young West Virginians who will find themselves in public service, embrace the future, and pave the way to tomorrow.