Retiring Principal Of 30 Years Shares Advice As School Begins During A Pandemic


On this West Virginia Morning, thousands of kids head back to school across the state. We hear advice from one educator with decades of experience. Also, in this show, we hear how forest managers, for decades, have started small fires of accumulated dead leaves to help prevent larger, more dangerous blazes – but some are concerned this increases climate change.

For decades, forest managers have set small fires – hoping to remove accumulated dead leaves and twigs that can increase the risk for bigger, more dangerous blazes in the future. Some people worry that these so-called controlled burns promote climate change by releasing more carbon into the atmosphere. As Sandy Hausman reports, scientists in Virginia are trying to figure out how much harm actually comes from low-level fires in our forests.

Nine West Virginia counties will start the school year off virtually. The other 46 counties will offer in-person, virtual and hybrid schooling for, at least, for the first week of school. That could change next weekend. Every Saturday night, state officials will update a color-coded map found on the West Virginia Department of Education’s website. The map indicates what schooling options will exist in each county week-by-week. This is how West Virginia is tackling school this year in the face of the coronavirus. Taking it one week at a time.

In the Eastern Panhandle, in Jefferson County, education reporter Liz McCormick spoke over Microsoft Teams with Debra Corbett, who recently retired as principal of Ranson Elementary School after decades of service. Here’s their conversation about the unprecedented year ahead facing educators and about the role education plays in addressing social and racial issues.

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