Researcher: Short-term Spike in Coal Production Won't Last in the Long-term


On this West Virginia Morning, the coal industry in West Virginia has been struggling, but over the past several months, revenues from coal severance taxes have increased for the state. That’s because of increased demand overseas, says West Virginia University Research Assistant Professor Brian Lego.

Lego is a member of the WVU Bureau of Business and Economic Research team that recently released its annual report predicting the future of the industry. He discussed the report with Ashton Marra.

Steel makers and manufacturers around the Ohio Valley are waiting for a report from the Trump administration that could trigger higher tariffs on imported steel. Becca Schimmel reports on what’s at stake for the region.

The Governor’s Office says the state technically ended the year in the black last month when it comes to revenues, but there is already a deficit in fiscal year 2018. Ashton Marra explains.