‘Red State Blue State’ Explores Political Division During the Holidays


On this West Virginia Morning, it’s time to gather round the table with family, eat turkey, and talk. America’s political divisions seem to amplify during the holidays, as families across the country gather and either talk politics politely — or avoid it altogether. In today’s episode of West Virginia Morning, we bring you another installment of “Red State Blue State.”

A property owner rights group is asking the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection for the opportunity to weigh in on the transfer of thousands of oil and gas wells. Brittany Patterson has more.

Midterm elections are over – but family drama around politics might just be getting started this holiday season.

Welcome to “Red State Blue State,” the weekly series from KCRW in California and West Virginia Public Broadcasting. This week, we examine a ‘family divided.’ Our co-host Trey Kay brings us this report from the battle lines in one family — his.

Trey Kay is also the host of our radio show Us &Them. You can hear an episode of that show about decades of debate that led to violent protests over which books would be used in schools. Catch an award-winning episode called “Great Textbook War” on Thurs. Nov. 29 at 8 PM and an encore on Sat., Dec. 1 at 3 PM on West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

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