Recent Mining Protests Highlight Generations of Labor Struggles


The blockade of a Kentucky railroad track captivated the region as miners protested lack of payment from employer BlackJewel Coal. For many, the moment called back to earlier generations of labor organizing in eastern Kentucky. In the first installment of a two-part series, reporter Sydney Boles looks at what the protest says about the state of organized labor in the mines, and how miners think about the future of coal. 

In 2018, West Virginia became the first state to experiment with mobile voting in a federal election. A new study from the University of Chicago says the app increased voter turnout. But that study comes with a few caveats. Senior reporter Dave Mistich sat down with news director Jesse Wright to talk about the research.

Also, a community in northern Kanawha County has come together for a reunion every year for 117 years, making it one of the longest running gatherings of its type in the country according to the state historical marker on the site. This past weekend saw the familiar parades, pageants and activities.