READ for the RECORD!


WVPB Read for the Record!

On Thursday, October 27 as part Jumpstart’s Read for the Record, a national campaign launched over a decade ago to address the educational inequities that leave too many children unprepared for kindergarten, WVPB board members, staff and friends spread out around the state, to learn, laugh, and read this year’s campaign book, The Bear Ate Your Sandwich by Julia Sarcone-Roach, as part of the world’s largest shared reading experience.

We had 50 readers reading in 18 counties to over 1070 students from pre-school to second grade. Everyone had fun.  From Shepherd University Early Learning Center, board member Cecelia Mason reports “..and the kids really enjoyed it. They especially liked the colorful photos. The day care providers took a vote after I read the book and the majority of the children believe the bear really did eat the sandwich. So, the dog told a compelling and convincing story!”  Another board member, Tom Epling read to students at Green Bank Elementary School: “The children were super-attentive and engaged with the story.  The story was interesting, in that all of the pre-schoolers live in the woods, in a rural setting, and many come from families who hunt bears.”  After the readings, the books were left on site to become part of the schools’ libraries.  More pictures here.

The activity was thoroughly enjoyed by students and adults.  “It is great when we can take a few minutes out of our day to underscore the importance of reading.” Scott Finn, Executive Director WVPB.  Plans are in the making to make next year’s read an even bigger event.