Jessica Lilly Published

Public Four-Year Institutions In W.Va. Increase Tuition And Fees 


Four-year public colleges in West Virginia increased the price of regular tuition and fees for the upcoming academic year. Each price tag is within about $900 from the other.

While Glenville State University increased tuition and fees by more than $160 per year, it remains the public four-year institution with the lowest price tag in the state.

Second is West Virginia State University followed by Fairmont State University.

West Virginia University’s cost last year was more than $9,144, already more than other schools across the state. This year’s numbers for WVU are not yet available. WVU’s Board of Governors is expected to meet June 24.

Tuition & Fees Changes - WV Schools_final.png

Aside from WVU, all eight of the colleges come with price tags between $8,884 and $8,044; a span that’s relatively low of $840. The cost does not include housing and other expenses.

West Liberty University and Bluefield State University have a higher price tag than Marshall University for the upcoming academic year.

Other schools in this ranking include Concord University and Shepherd University.